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The Importance of Marketing

Marketing is now one of the most critical skills and strategies that an organisation must develop to survive in the present business environment. Effective marketing is often foreign to many New Zealand business owners who find it hard and even a little embarrassing to sell themselves to other businesses and the public. The reality for

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Insurance – Have You Got It Covered

Recent tragic events, both home and abroad, have illustrated once again how vulnerable economies and businesses can be to the forces of nature. The disasters that we have witnessed of late highlight the business importance of having good risk management strategies in place. One of the most important risk management tools of course is insurance.

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2011 Budget Commentary

The 2011 budget was announced by the Minister of Finance, Bill English on 19 May 2011. The main areas targeted by the budget included government expenditure, asset sales, disaster recovery and government entitlements, including Kiwisaver, Working for Families and Student Loans. Here are the main points from the 2011 budget: Operational cost savings within government

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