Are Your Auditors Adding Any Value? Enter UHY Assurance Team.

Sungesh Singh

The past few years have proved challenging times for even the best of businesses, testing economic conditions, an increasingly complex regulatory environment, demanding customers and employees, cash flow restrictions and ongoing uncertainty have all contributed to a challenging business environment.

Change and uncertainty can lead to fear in the business world which in turn can be paralyzing for business growth and enterprise.

As auditors we sweat hard on getting the numbers right on a daily basis and in most cases we provide our clients with a letter of improvement at the end of the audit. Whilst this approach complies with standards etc. it does not really tell the whole picture.

Often during the audit process we identify “hot spots” and “critical” issues within an organisation however due to time constraints we are unable to fully explore and assist our clients in addressing these “hotspots” and issues. In response to this and to further assist our clients UHY Haines Norton has recently launched its Assurance Division.

The purpose of UHY Haines Norton’s Assurance Division is to help our clients identify critical business issues and to develop effective action plans to assist organisations in meeting their strategic goals and vision.

UHY Haines Norton has committed significant resources to developing its assurance division including drawing on its international affiliation to develop best practice assurance systems and protocols. At UHY Haines Norton we also have experienced staff available to assist clients.

If you need assistance in any area of your business, be it strategic, governance, financial, internal control systems, fraud investigations, profit checks, ratio analysis, benchmarking, risk analysis, brain storming on business ideas and so on then please do not hesitate to contact us. UHY Haines Norton’s Assurance Division is ready and willing to help.

Sungesh Singh

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