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Cashflow is King

Mark Foster Have you ever thought about where your business will be this time next year? Cashflow forecasting is one of the most important exercises you can do in establishing the future financial viability of your business. In the tough economic climate we face today, running a business has never been more challenging.

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Trusts and the Abolition of Gift Duty

John Ballard The government is in the process of passing legislation abolishing gift duty in respect of gifts made on or after 1 October 2011. Gift duty will still apply to gifts made prior to 1 October 2011 (in excess of $27,000 per person in a 12 month period). Gifting is often associated

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Backing Up Your Electronic Data – Best Practices

There are three essential elements in backing up and protecting your data: Actually doing backups, most businesses don’t seem to see the need; Testing or running a regular backup to ensure it works; Keeping a copy of a current backup offsite away from the office; fire, earthquakes tsunami’s need more be said. If you don’t

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IRD and The Rugby World Cup

The IRD has issued a warning to people renting their houses out during the Rugby World Cup that they are liable to pay tax on the rental income earned and that the IRD is watching. The Commissioner of Inland Revenue says the department will monitor websites and other places where home owners advertise to keep

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Events Round up

As notified in previous newsletters a number of events have taken place in West Auckland over the past month or so where UHY Haines Norton has had an involvement here is a wrap as to how they all went. Waitakere Business Club After 5s The first event off the block was the Waitakere Business Club

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