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Getting the Right Result

Grant Brownlee In an earlier newsletter I mentioned one strategy to improve business performance was to review all staff each year and sack your worst 10%. Shortly thereafter we received a call from one of our business owner clients to say he had reviewed his entire team and concluded that he needed to

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Corporate Taxes Vary Widely Between Countries, Study Finds

Corporate tax burden more than three times greater in highest versus lowest taxed major economies. Research by UHY, a Top 25 global accounting and consultancy network. Huge disparities now exist between countries on the amount of tax they take from businesses, according to UHY, the international accounting and consultancy network. The tax burden on business

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IRD the Cash Economy (and Potential Repercussions)

The IRD has announced that it is targeting the cash economy as it seeks to increase the Government’s tax revenues by identifying tax payers looking to avoid paying tax through the use of cash transactions. The Department has indicated that it is targeting selected industries including hospitality, scrap metal, fishing, aquaculture, tourism and horticultural industries.

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Leaky Homes Financial Assistance Package – Important Deadline Looms

Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson announced in July 2011 that homeowners would be able to access the Government’s Leaky Homes Financial Assistance Package from 29 July 2011. Three different packs of information were developed including for Standalone Homes, Multi Unit Homes and an addendum pack for those who have started repairs or already repaired.

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2011 Westpac Auckland West Business Awards – Winners

The 2011 Westpac Auckland West Business Awards were recently held at the Trusts Stadium. Congratulations to Soljans Estate & Café who won the UHY Haines Norton Best Mid-Sized Business Award. About Soljans Estate Winery & Café Soljan’s Estate & Café is based in Kumeu and is a third generation business owned and run by Tony

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