Lessons From The 2011 Rugby World Cup

Kerry Tizard

2011 continues to be a difficult year for us all with worldwide economic and political unrest coupled with environmental disasters both locally and globally.

It was a welcome relief to have the ‘distraction’ of RWC 2011 – 45 days during which time New Zealand was the focus of the huge international rugby loving audience.

Even if you were not remotely interested in the rugby it would have been hard to avoid getting swept up in the hype surrounding the event and the underlying expectation that the All Blacks were finally going to win the one prize that had eluded them for almost a quarter of a century.

They did win – albeit by the narrowest of margins – and while the final economic benefits achieved may be difficult to fully assess, the resulting wave of euphoria is clear for all to see and I’m sure that the positive impact from this will continue for sometime to come.

What lessons can we take out of R.W.C. 2011 – apart from the fact that we have the best rugby team in the world?

• New Zealand has the expertise, resources, and passion to organise hugely successful events on an international scale.
• Nothing should ever be taken for granted.
• Given the opportunity and encouragement people will generally step up and perform beyond expectations.
• Never count out the underdog.
• Success requires commitment from the whole team not just a few individuals.

We now look forward to elections that will set the political scene for the next three years – if the polls are to be believed a National led government will be returned for another term – although all political parties and the wider electorate would do well to be aware of the lessons reinforced by the RWC.

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