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Client Success

We could think of no better way to start 2012 than by acknowledging the successful endeavours of UHY Haines Norton clients. Vidak Wins for Environmental Sustainability Vidak which develops and installs innovative office furniture has been rewarded for its commitment to environmental sustainability. The Auckland based firm won the 2011 Annual Innovation Award given by

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FACEBOOK – Are You Secure?

Facebook was founded in 2004 by ex Harvard student Mark Zuckerman as a student’s social networking site; it presently has some 800 million active users. While Facebook may have begun life as a means for friends to stay in touch it has long since ceased to be used only for that purpose with businesses and

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KiwiSaver Changes Reminder

In 2011 a number of changes were made to KiwiSaver, by way of a reminder here is a summary of the key changes: Member tax credit halved from 1 July 2011 to $521 (members will have to save $1,043 to receive the full member tax credit of $521, if less than $1,043 is contributed then

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