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Guest Columnist: MS Outlook – Get Your Inbox Email Sorted!

To further broaden the content of our newsletter UHY Haines Norton is pleased to introduce a new feature to its newsletter whereby guest columnists will be periodically invited to contribute a feature column on topical and relevant business issues. This month Jacqueline Hinchliffe of Positive Connexions – West Auckland Computer Training describes how to organize

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Kiwisaver Are You In?

Kiwisaver came into existence in July 2007 to try and encourage New Zealanders to save, it is a voluntary long term savings scheme and to date in excess of 1.3 million New Zealanders have enrolled in the scheme. In this, the first of two articles on Kiwisaver, we detail the main points about the scheme,

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ACC For The Self-Employed

If you are self-employed in New Zealand and suffer a workplace injury you are automatically covered for insurance purposes by ACC under the ACC CoverPlus scheme. As the default scheme covering work place injury for the self employed, ACC CoverPlus pays up to 80% of the previous year’s earnings (limits and conditions apply), the payments

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About ACC

ACC has two programmes in place that enable small to medium sized-enterprises to get a discount on the ACC work levies that they pay. The two programmes reward safely run workplaces and are called the ACC Workplace Safety Discounts Programme and the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Programme, the main features of each programme are

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Tips On Improving Cash Flow And Profits

Effective cash flow management is an important part of running a business at any time. In the current economic climate however it has moved from important to critical for ensuring ongoing business success. Here in the Cash flow Corner UHY Haines Norton Managing Director Grant Brownlee provides useful tips on how to improve and grow

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You Can Bank On Banklink

Have you considered using BankLink to save time, costs and to improve information reporting for your business; if not you should. What is BankLink? BankLink is a secure and easy-to-use system that enables us to receive client bank statements and credit card transactions electronically. Because we receive your bank information electronically you no longer need

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