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ACC has two programmes in place that enable small to medium sized-enterprises to get a discount on the ACC work levies that they pay. The two programmes reward safely run workplaces and are called the ACC Workplace Safety Discounts Programme and the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Programme, the main features of each programme are as follows:

ACC Workplace Safety Discounts (WSD)

  1. The programme is aimed at small-medium sized businesses in high risk accident categories including construction, road freight and motor trades;
  2. To apply for an ACC WSD the business must operate in one of the identified high risk industries and have 10 or fewer full-time equivalent workers, or an annual payroll of $450,000 or less;
  3. If a business qualifies for the ACC WSD it gets a 10% discount on its ACC work levy (the levy that is used to cover the costs of work-related injuries);
  4. To qualify for the discount a business needs to complete a safety-oriented self assessment and demonstrate that it has capability in hazard management, staff training in safe work practices, and emergency readiness;
  5. Industry-specific training courses are available to help businesses get their safety practices to the required standard so as to enable them to qualify for the discount – only one person from a business needs to attend.

ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Programme (WSMP)

  1. The programme is best suited to businesses with mre than 10 full-time staff, however anyone can apply;
  2. To qualify for this discount a business is required to undergo a comprehensive workplace health and safety assessment. This is carried out by an independent auditor at ACCs cost;
  3. Depending on the results of the assessment a business can receive a discount on its ACC work levy of between 10% and 20%.

Further information about the two programmes can be obtained from the ACC website.

For further information about ACC options for the self-employed refer to link.

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