Tax Payments

When making payments to the IRD taxpayers are strongly advised to notify the IRD of the period that the payment relates to ie 2011 for the 2011 income tax year etc, and the tax type being paid.

The IRD uses a three letter code to identify the tax type, common codes include “INC” (income tax), “FBT” (fringe benefit tax), “GST” (goods and services tax), KSR (employer KiwiSaver contributions), KSE (employer KiwiSaver deductions) and IPS (RWT on interest).

Identifying the period the payment relates to and the tax type will assist the IRD in processing the payment correctly.
The IRDs bank account details for making payments is Westpac, NZ Government branch, account number 03 0049 0001100-27 (make sure you note the details listed in number 3 above when making payment).

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