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The Power of Networking

John Ballard What do the retail, mortgage broking, IT, real estate, legal, marketing and insurance industries have in common? These industries are all represented in the business networking group that I belong to. Our Group has been in existence for over 4 years and comprises 15 people representing some 12 different industries. Why

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Networking for Business

Often the most difficult aspect of networking is getting started. Here are some well established networking tips: Turn up - Woody Allen said that 80% of success is turning up Smile, ask questions and listen Carry business cards – they are an effective way for people to remember who you are Persevere – networking gets

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The ‘Right’ Accounting Software for your Business

Purchasing accounting software can represent a significant business cost, whatever the size of your business. But if the new software ensures effective financial management, the payoffs from your investment will be considerable. The ‘right’ software will produce the ‘right’ information to enable you to manage your organisation or business more effectively. Here we examine the

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