The Power of Networking

John Ballard

What do the retail, mortgage broking, IT, real estate, legal, marketing and insurance industries have in common?

These industries are all represented in the business networking group that I belong to. Our Group has been in existence for over 4 years and comprises 15 people representing some 12 different industries.

Why would we each give up our time every alternative Wednesday for 4 years to meet as a group?

  1. It enables us to get an insight as to how other industries operate and the issues that they face
  2. It provides a forum to brainstorm and identify business opportunities
  3. It allows us to learn from experts and specialists with diverse backgrounds
  4. It enables business referrals to be passed amongst the group
  5. It provides an informal and personal means to develop ongoing business relationships
  6. It provides a social outlet to meet and talk with similar minded people
  7. It provides an opportunity to contribute to the community by fundraising and providing donations to local organisations.

Networking it provides an effective way to increase both business knowledge and to promote yourself and your business.

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