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Clouding Your Thinking

Do you think legitimate customers of Megaupload ever imagined that Kim Dotcom would get raided by the NZ Police? Did they imagine that the very computers that stored their legitimate data alongside the alleged illegal data would get seized? The authorities don’t appear to have any sympathy or responsibility for delivering the legitimate data back

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Accounting Software for Small and Medium Sized Entities

In our last newsletter we examined some of the factors to consider when purchasing accounting software . This month we consider three common accounting applications available for use by small to medium sized entities (SMEs). The first thing to consider when evaluating the various SME accounting applications is – what do you expect the system

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Tax Deductions for Clothing

As we complete accounts and tax returns for the 2012 tax year it has become noticeable that clients are often seeking to claim tax deductions for clothing. For clothing to be an allowable deduction there must be a connection or relationship between the expenditure incurred (the clothing purchased) and the income earned. No deduction is

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