UHY Haines Norton Audit Moves to Paperless Environment

Audit Partner Sungesh Singh on moving to a paperless audit environment:

Sungesh Singh - UHY Haines Norton Audit

After relying on traditional paper based processes the audit division of UHY Haines Norton has left the past behind by adopting a paperless environment for its audits. To enable us to make the progression to a paperless environment we have recently implemented a CASEWARE paperless audit system and are already experiencing efficiency gains.

The audit process is enhanced by adopting electronic processes by improving the quality, quantity, timeliness and effectiveness of audits.  Moving to a full electronic environment enables us to provide prompt and comprehensive reporting at the conclusion of an audit including reporting on internal control weaknesses and potential fraud and error issues.

Amnesty International was the first audit that we completed using the Caseware methodology and we were delighted with how smoothly and effectively the audit went.

Our staff have fully embraced the paperless environment and have already commented that they would not want to return to the traditional paper based methods previously used.

While initially the move from traditional paper based methods to a paperless environment required a personal shift in thinking it also provided a reminder that the ideology behind the audit process remains the same regardless of the system used. Auditing is about being curious and upholding professional scepticism at all times. The UHY Haines Norton team prides itself on bringing these qualities to every audit.

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