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Laughing On The Way To Execution

We recently hosted an event called ‘The 3 Disciplines of Profitable High Growth NZ Businesses’ in conjunction with the BNZ, presented compellingly by guest speaker Karl Varley. One particular comment that Karl made stood out to me.  He said something like “if people aren’t laughing at your goals then you haven’t set your sights high

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Recruitment Trends in New Zealand

 Jennifer Wyatt Sargent of Wyatt  Sargent & Associates Ltd discusses recruitment trends in New Zealand. New Zealand’s unemployment rate of 7.3% for the September 2012 quarter was the highest in 13 years.  Yet organisations are still complaining about the difficulty of recruiting quality candidates. Back in 2002 Ira Wolfe, a leading US recruitment specialist, said

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Comparison of Australian and New Zealand Tax Rates

Based on figures released last year by Statistics New Zealand, some 1,000 New Zealanders move to Australia every week. It is often reported that New Zealanders migrate to Australia for economic reasons. This month we have provided a comparison of tax rates between the New Zealand and Australian tax regimes for a number of major

Market Wrap For First Quarter 2013

Simon Coulter of Craigs Investment Partners reviews the markets’ performance for the first quarter of 2013.   The strong rally in shares that we saw over the final stages of 2012 has continued over the first three months of 2013, with the first quarter of the year providing another outstanding return for investors. The New

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MS Outlook for Personal Efficiency and Team Productivity:”Do It Now”

 In the fifth of a series of five articles, Jacqui Hinchliffe of Business Computing Skills discusses how to manage your emails. Previously Jacqui introduced the four D rule for managing email. This final article discusses rule number 4: Do It Now 1. Delete 2. Diarise 3. Delegate 4. Do It Now Productivity is determined by

Taxing Matters: Deductible Expenses

Taxing matters provides a summary of topical tax and business information relating to individuals and business.  This article discusses the deductibility of some common expenses for tax purposes. Website Costs – For tax purposes, the costs of creating and/or upgrading a business website are classed as capital expenditure and should be capitalised and depreciated.  The

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Staff News: April/May 2013

We are delighted to welcome back Sarah Legg, who returns this week following maternity leave. A very warm welcome to Katrina Whatmough who joins us this month as a BAS Senior. Also welcome to Craig Mowatt who joins our Helensville office. Congratulations to Jane Chea in our Audit team, who graduated on the 8th of

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Corporate Tax Competition Heats Up

By Jim Martin, Tax Manager, UHY Haines Norton, Email In an increasingly globalised world, governments are under pressure to find ways to attract and retain businesses to their country and then to help those businesses compete against their international competitors. An increasing number of government’s now realise that one powerful tool they have to