Grant BrownleeWe recently hosted an event called ‘The 3 Disciplines of Profitable High Growth NZ Businesses’ in conjunction with the BNZ, presented compellingly by guest speaker Karl Varley.

One particular comment that Karl made stood out to me.  He said something like “if people aren’t laughing at your goals then you haven’t set your sights high enough”.  As I looked around it was clear that Karl had struck a chord with many of the business owners in the room.

Karl continued on to discuss the importance of businesses having a one page Strategic Plan – and ensuring it is visible and executed.

I was reminded of the importance of execution at a recent meeting involving the CEO of a large business.  The room full of executives erupted into laughter when he said that his company had developed a very novel Strategic Plan.  The novelty was the fact that they actually implemented it! Sadly, the reality is that while the majority of Strategic Plans are beneficial, they do tend to sit on the shelf and gather dust while CEOs struggle to get traction and results.

Aiming high and developing your Strategic Plan are a must.  But most importantly, following a disciplined operational roll-out of the plan is critical to the success of business.

Here at UHY Haines Norton I use software called ‘Leaderkit’ (www., which is extremely helpful in assisting in the roll-out of the company’s Strategic Plan.

The tide has certainly turned out there so I encourage you to set some new laughable goals and put them into action.

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