Mortgage Link is delighted to welcome aboard Stephanie ChiplinChrista Graduation Photo 1, who joins the team to assist with administration and sales support.

Congratulations to Christa Louis, who graduated at the beginning of August with a Bachelor of Business Regulations, Accounting major, from AUT University.

Monday 26th August was the SPCA’s Annual Cupcake Day.  Always keen to support a great cause, our star bakers SPCA CupcakesSharon Courtney and Karen Kipling provided delicious home baking for staff and raised $83.50 for the worthy charity.

Westie Wednesday
Last month UHY staff participated in Westie Wednesday.  This community-wide mufti fundraising day for the Foundation for Youth Development Auckland helps raise funds for our FYD programmes: Kiwi Can, Stars and Project K in West Auckland.  The Henderson team took a road trip up to the UHY Helensville office for a tour of their very quaint premises, complete with drinks and nibbles. The evening then continued across the road at the Corridor Bar, where they were greeted with stacks of delectable finger food.  As the evening wore on a blind auction was held to raise funds: participants had been asked to wrap up some beloved unwanted treasure from home for Mark Foster to auction off.  It was a lot of fun with the items sold ranging from very practical (a Petanque Set, a tray of freshly laid eggs and a golf club) to the very odd (a pair of used gumboots with holes in them)!  Overall the evening was a great success raising $338.50 towards the cause while at the same time providing a barrel of laughs for those who attended the event.Marks Gumboots 2013 257 (2)
Marks Gumboots 2013 255 (3)







Long Service Milestones

A special lunch was recently held to celebrate the long service milestones achieved by no fewer than nine UHY staff members.

  • Fran Van Vugt has now been an Accountant with the company for 10 years.
  • Sarah Legg, one of our smiling Administrators and new mum, has reached 10 years’ service.
  • Jill Smithies, who loves to travel in her spare time, is now Supervisor with the company and has also reached her 10 years’ milestone.
  • Martin Wong joined the company as Junior Accountant and is now Supervisor, with a talent for sorting everyone’s computer systems.  Martin is a real family man and would secretly love to learn to fly a plane.  He is celebrating 15 years with UHY.
  • Bhuvana Narayanan celebrates 15 years with us at UHY.  She is now Manager and loves to read fiction in her spare time.
  • Manager Len Kumar tells us he has lots of fond memories of working for UHY – mainly staff parties!  He has been with the company now for 15 years.
  • Congratulations to Glenys Rigby, Supervisor at our Helensville office, for achieving 20 years with UHY.  Glenys loves the challenge of her role, and outside of work is an avid netball fan who enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.
  • Senior Accountant Laureen Ware has kept her zany sense of humour throughout her 20 years of service with the company.  When asked “if you could learn to do anything what would it be?” she replied “accounting”!
  • We would also like to congratulate our Credit Manager Yvonne Wood, who has now worked for us for 15 years.

Long Service Milestones Lunch 3 Long Service Milestones Lunch 2 Long Service Milestones Lunch 1