Agriculture News: December 2013


    • Labour MP Phil Goff has put forward a private member’s bill designed to make it more difficult for foreign investors to purchase rural land of 5ha or more.  Under the bill, any foreign purchasers would need to demonstrate that their investment would either create more jobs or alternatively benefit the economy more than a New Zealand investor.
    • New Zealand infant formula exporters are hopeful of increased demand now that China has loosened its one-child policy.  This is good news for many of those infant formula exporters who are still feeling the effects of Fonterra’s botulism scare earlier this year.  China has announced its policy change to allow couples to have two children if one of the parents is an only child – currently both parents must be only children to be exempt from the one-child rule.  Millions of parents will now be allowed a second child, anticipated to affect demand for all baby-related products.
    • A new mobile app called the Dairy Effluent Spreading Calculator is now available for Android and Apple iPhones.  The app helps calculate nutrient application rates based on the depth and type of effluent being applied.  The objective is to help farmers save money as effluent can be spread with greater efficiency and precision.  It can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Illustration by Darren Blomfield

Illustration by Darren Blomfield



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