Taxing Matters provides a summary of topical tax and business information relating to individuals and business.

IRD Payment Due Dates in December and January   With summer holidays imminent, remember to schedule any payments due to IRD over the Christmas break.

  • PAYE – November PAYE is due 20th December 2013.  December PAYE is due 20th January 2014.
  • GST – November GST is due 15th January 2014.  December GST is due 28th January 2014.
  • Provisional Tax – for all companies with a 31st March balance date, the second instalment of provisional tax for 2014 is due 15th January 2014.  For all companies with December balance dates, provisional tax is due 28th January 2014.

Christmas Closedown Rules     Employers can impose one closedown period per employee in each year.  A minimum of 14 days’ notice must be provided, including any requirement to take annual leave.  Employers can stipulate different closedown periods for different areas of the company.   Any Public Holidays occurring within the closedown period are still recognised, and therefore paid for and treated as such.

IRD and Department of Internal Affairs Agreement    A new agreement has been reached between IRD and the Department of Internal Affairs which allows the Department of Internal Affairs to share contact details from adult passport applications and renewals with IRD.  IRD will use the information to reach individuals with student loans and child support agreements, to ensure they meet their payment obligations.