“UHY International Business” Issue 29 – Now Available

International Business Issue 29As a member of the global accountancy network UHY, UHY Haines Norton has access to an international network of resources and expertise.  The latest edition of “UHY International Business” – Issue 29 is now available.

This bi-annual publication features fresh insight, provided by our members, on the most current business challenges and key issues faced by companies and individuals around the world.  Issue 29 covers the following topics:

  • Key industry sectors for global growth: Which industry sectors will thrive over the next five years? Where are growth opportunities to be found around the globe for both local and foreign investors?…
  • Mobile money: the tantalising potential: Sub-Saharan Africa offers a tantalising prospect for mobile financial investors…Graphic_International Business
  • Shift in the global economic balance: The economic balance between developed and emerging economies is shifting, reversing trends of the past five years…

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