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Staff News: June / July 2014

Shaahid Hasan Congratulations to Audit team member Mohamed Irshad and his wife Mariam, who are the proud parents of a gorgeous baby boy.  Shaahid Hasan was (appropriately!) born on Mother’s Day, 11th May 2014, and is a baby brother to almost 3-year old Safa Noor.       This month we are sad

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Upcoming Events: Property Investment Seminar, 30th July 2014

            The teams from UHY, Mortgage Link, Quinovic and Maintain to Profit are joining forces to present a free workshop discussing the merits of property investment.  Our industry experts will share advice on a broad range of topics including: Tenant management Finance set up Leveraging Maximising tax benefits Meth-testing properties

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An Audit Alliance in Motueka Valley

UHY Haines Norton has recently achieved the status of being the only fully licensed audit firm in West Auckland, meeting the Government’s rigorous high standards and complying with the Auditor Regulation Act. Our new auditing procedures include re-establishing our alliance with Bill Heritage, a semi-retired audit expert, to act in a consultant role.  Bill will

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Information-Sharing Agreement Signed To Fight Crime

The IRD and New Zealand Police have signed a new information-sharing agreement aimed at fighting serious crime.  Information such as income, tax history or business connections could provide significant help during the course of Police investigations. Effective from August 2014, the agreement will allow: Police to request relevant personal information from IRD when there are

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Change to IRD Posted Cheque Payments

Customers who currently make payments to Inland Revenue by posting cheques need to be aware of an important change.  From 1st October 2014, Inland Revenue will need to have actually received your cheque payment on or before the due date to avoid any penalties and interest.  Previously customers were able to post cheques on the

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Taxing Matters: June / July 2014

Taxing Matters provides a summary of topical tax and business information relating to individuals and business. Deductibility for Clothing   The IRD will permit a deduction for ‘distinctive work clothing’, defined as items which form part of uniform that is identifiable with the employer because of logos or the pattern, colour scheme or style. A deduction

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Human Resources: Why You Should Recruit For Attitude

Jennifer Wyatt Sargent of Wyatt Sargent & Associates Ltd explains why attitude should play a major role in the recruitment process. Wyatt Sargent & Associates is a human resources consultancy, not a recruitment agency, and yet I often write and talk about recruitment.  Why?  It’s because much of our work results from employers making bad

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Low Doc Home Loans Designed For Self-Employed

Stuart Wills of Mortgage Link explains the rise in popularity of low doc home loans. When the Global Financial Crisis hit, the Low Doc (Lo Doc) or No Financials (No Doc) loans basically disappeared overnight, making it difficult for anyone who was not able to prove their income to get a home loan. Low Doc Home

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