Bill Heritage’s Mailbox

UHY Haines Norton has recently achieved the status of being the only fully licensed audit firm in West Auckland, meeting the Government’s rigorous high standards and complying with the Auditor Regulation Act.

Our new auditing procedures include re-establishing our alliance with Bill Heritage, a semi-retired audit expert, to act in a consultant role.  Bill will provide valuable assistance in overseeing our audit quality by objectively evaluating our progress.  Bill has been a friend of UHY Haines Norton for a number of years, and this is a great opportunity for us to strengthen our relationship and tap into his considerable expertise.

Audit Partner Sungesh Singh recently had the pleasure of visiting Bill Heritage at his remote home/office in the heart of Motueka Valley.  Sungesh was chauffeured to the premises from Nelson Airport by the company “limousine” – i.e. the Corona – and was greeted by breath-taking views of the surrounding ranges.  It was hard to imagine how Bill manages to tear himself away from the distraction of the beautiful countryside, but somehow he copes!  Reluctantly Sungesh returned to our Henderson offices to contemplate the rather inferior view from his office window (road/cars/Warehouse Stationery).