If you’re in your 60’s you may be looking forward to receiving NZ Superannuation and a SuperGold Card.  However, be aware that Super is not an automatic process that commences straight after your 65th birthday.  You will need to personally apply to receive Super in order for payments to begin.  Once you are aged 64 years and 9 months (i.e. 3 months prior to your 65th birthday), you can apply for your NZ Super through an online application system.  If you are approaching this age we highly recommend diarising it as Super payments are not backdated, so it is in your best interests to apply on time and begin receiving payments directly following your 65th birthday.

Once your Superannuation has been granted you will automatically be sent a SuperGold Card for discounts and concessions for a number of businesses, government services and council services.

Eligibility criteria and how much you are likely to receive varies for different individuals.  For detailed information on NZ Superannuation and the application process, go to