Christine picThe Audit department has welcomed a new staff member, Christine Liu, who has joined the team as Audit Senior.  Christine is originally from China, where she worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers for more than seven years before moving with her family to New Zealand earlier this year.  We are delighted to have her join the UHY team.



Assurance and Advisory Manager Tadius Munapeyi and his family have recently celebrated gaining New Zealand citizenship.  Originally from Zimbabwe, Tadius, his wife Faith and daughters Ashleigh, Samantha and Natalie were awarded citizenship in July after calling New Zealand home for more than seven years.  In support of the SPCA’s nationwide Cupcake Day, Tadius’ daughter Ashleigh and a friend just organised Cupcake Day at her school, St Michael’s Catholic School.  The two girls put in a lot of work and were rewarded with an overwhelming show of support, raising an incredible $717.50 for the worthy charity!
Ashleigh cupcake pic






Casey pic 2A recent UHY social club event tested our puzzle solving abilities with an interesting take on the classic games “Scrabble” and “Wheel of Fortune”.   Called “Dabble”, teams were challenged to create words on a life-sized Scrabble board for money, which was then bid on letters to solve the mystery phrase.  Suffice to say that chaos reigned!  The winning team of Sharon, Lesley, Len, Pawan, Debbie, Grace and Christa were lucky enough to share a huge prize hamper.  (Debbie’s daughter Casey was only too happy to model the winning crown and statue for us!)  We also tried classic childhood games of hop scotch, elastics, and making string figures – with varying degrees of success.