In a bid to reverse concerns over security and rising crime in the area, The Henderson Lincoln Metro Business Association was created last month when 15 business owners pledged support and funding to get the organisation up and running.  In addition to being the only metropolitan centre in Auckland without a business association, Henderson has experienced a spate of crimes which business owners believe have negatively impacted the local economy.

UHY Haines Norton Director Tim Livingstone (pictured left) believes the Association will be of great benefit to the area, stating “Henderson is going through a catch up process.  Having a business association is a lot more powerful than individuals trying to do something.  Security issues are often the catalyst for forming something such as a business association.”

The Association aims to work with the local business community, key stakeholders and community groups to leverage and influence change for the area’s economic benefit.  Business facilitator Sue Kohn-Taylor is overseeing the Association’s formation, and lists the key aims as economic development, increasing visitor numbers, creating a brand awareness and a sense of business community – essentially putting the heart back into the community.

With the huge Westgate development project likely to pose tough competition, the timing for a Henderson Lincoln Metro Business Association couldn’t be better.  By banding together, Henderson businesses can form a strong voice and make substantial, positive changes to Henderson Lincoln Road area.

Businesses who would like more information on the numerous benefits membership provides can contact Sue Kohn-Taylor at  Alternatively you can download the Henderson Lincoln Metro Business Association Registration Form here .