“UHY International Business” Issue 31 – Now Available

UHY International Business Issue 31 cover imageUHY Haines Norton, member of the global accountancy network UHY, introduces the latest edition of UHY International Business – Issue 31. This bi-annual publication features fresh insight, provided by members firms, on the most current business challenges and key issues faced by companies and individuals around the world. Issue 31 covers the following topics:

  • ‘Persist & Prevail’: How to Confront Corruption
    Economic policies, trade regulatory controls and cultural changes are working together to withstand the pressures of corruption…
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry: On the Cusp of a Revolution
    Digital technology is changing the way we consume products, the way we use data… in fact, almost every strand of lifestyle is being enhanced by digital…
  • Europe on the Road to Recovery
    Some economic pundits have been questioning whether it’s for real. After all, they’ve witnessed European Union (EU) stagnation, become tired of the EU showdown with Greece, and noted how governments put on an ambitiously brave face…

The full content of the above articles, as well as past issues, can be viewed on our website: https://uhyhn.co.nz/services-2/international-business/.

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