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Understanding the Bright-line Test for Capital Gains on Residential Property

If you are purchasing or selling residential property, you should be aware of the implications of the newly-introduced Bright-line Test for taxing capital gains.  In this article, UHY Haines Norton’s Jim Martin clarifies the rules of the Bright-line Test and the transactions it will apply to.  Under the 2015 Budget, the Government has introduced the

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Protecting Your Investment Property From Methamphetamine Contamination

Brendon Stuckey from Quinovic West Auckland Property Management presents practical strategies for landlords for managing the risk of methamphetamine in rental properties.  Methamphetamine (commonly known as ‘P’) has been a well-documented social issue in New Zealand for many years now.  While recent crackdowns by the Police and Ministry of Justice have resulted in a decline

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Working With Challenging People: Be More FLEX-ible to Achieve Success

Whatever business you’re in - manufacturing, professional services, health, hospitality, whatever - everything you do depends on people.  No matter how fantastic your product is or how innovative your ideas are, your company success is directly linked to the performance of the people who create, produce, market and deliver it. Of course, the term “people”

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Keeping Safe From Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are rampant all over the world.  The sheer speed at which they are developed, altered and distributed result in them spreading through and infecting thousands of networks within minutes.  Even the most sophisticated security filters and anti-virus software can have difficulty keeping up with them. Recently we were the unfortunate victims – along with

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Good News On FBT On Car Parks

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) is the tax applied to non-cash benefits employers provide their team members with, such as low-interest loans, motor vehicles, employer contributions to benefit funds/schemes/insurance, and free or discounted products and services.  It is a way to ensure that all forms of employee remuneration are taxed. As a general rule, benefits provided

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Salvaging Cases of Debt Remission

If you are in a difficult situation facing substantial tax penalties and interest, talk to us sooner rather than later.  We can advise you on your options, which may include seeking cancellation of tax and penalties, or making the IRD an offer of partial or temporary payments on the basis that the rest of the

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West Auckland Finalists Announced for the Westpac Auckland Business Awards 2015

        We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all of the finalists announced for the West Auckland region of the Westpac Auckland Business Awards 2015.  The finalists are: Excellence in Innovation Blastacars West Auckland Ltd Chrysalis Group Ltd Epicurean Dairy Ltd IQ Commercial Return to Sender Casket Ltd Excellence in

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