Superannuation and Over-taxing

If you have turned 65 years old and begun to receive National Superannuation but continue to work – as many people do – you should be aware of how you are being taxed.  For legal purposes in this situation, your job is (usually) classed as your ‘primary’ job and tax code, and Superannuation is classed as your ‘secondary’ job and tax code.  When you do eventually retire you will obviously continue to receive Superannuation, but you should change it to be classed as your ‘primary’ job and tax code.  Otherwise you run the risk of being over-taxed, and as you are no longer required to submit tax returns, you will not be aware of it – which could amount to as much as $1,000 annually.  Talk to us if you think you may be affected by this.  You can submit returns for up to four past years to receive refunds so it is worth looking into.

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