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Making Tax Simpler: Proposed Changes to the Provisional Tax Rules

The government’s issues paper, which is open for submissions until 30th May 2016, outlines 16 proposed measures on a number of areas including Provisional Tax.  Here UHY Haines Norton’s Jim Martin takes a closer look at the Provisional Tax proposals and their implications for business owners. Provisional Tax is the payment of Income Tax on

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Tax Tips for Farmers

The agricultural industry places unique demands on farmers, and keeping up-to-date with accounting and tax rules and regulations can be time-consuming. We’ve compiled a list of tips for making your farm accounting easier. Regardless of whether your end of year balance date is 31st March, 31st May or 30th June, take a physical stocktake of

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HR: The Guide to Lawful Recruiting

Jennifer Wyatt Sargent of Wyatt Sargent & Associates Ltd provides advice on how to avoid discrimination and stay lawful during the recruitment process.     So you need to recruit someone. Are you aware that hiring managers tend to recruit people who are most like them? You might think the organisation would benefit from employing a string

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Increase in Small Business Audits

Evidence shows there has been a clear increase in audit activity among small New Zealand businesses in the last financial year. Supporting our own recent experiences of clients being targeted by Inland Revenue, the providers of our tax audit insurance offering Audit Shield have published figures indicating substantial increases in both the premium pool and

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Check Your PIR Every Year

The Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) is the tax rate that is applied to the taxable investment income earned on your savings under Portfolio Investment Entities (PIEs). Typically your KiwiSaver investments will be PIEs. Favourable tax rates were applied to PIEs when they were created several years ago in order to encourage New Zealanders to invest

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New Changes to Paid Parental Leave

Prospective parents, business owners/operators and managers should all be aware of new changes the Government is applying to paid parental leave. From 1st April 2016 staff are entitled to receive a total of 18 weeks of government-paid parental leave. This is an additional two weeks over the previous entitlement of 16 weeks. The paid parental

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ACC Levy Changes

The residual portion of your ACC levy has been removed. The change came into effect on 1st April 2016 for the Work and Earners’ Accounts, and will come into effect on 1st July 2016 for the Motor Vehicle Account. Previously the Work, Earners’ and Motor Vehicle ACC levies have consisted of two parts: a current

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Helensville’s Whenuanui Farm Takes Top Award Honours

Helensville clients Richard and Dianne Kidd, who own Whenuanui Farm, have been awarded top honours at the inaugural Auckland Ballance Farm Environment Awards. Named Supreme winners at a special Ballance Farm Environment Awards ceremony in March, the couple were also presented with the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Livestock Award and the Farm Stewardship Award

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Len Kumar: Creating a Community

Len Kumar, Manager in our Business Services department, and the Shri Ram Mandir Charitable Trust are fostering the unity of the Indian community in West Auckland with the creation of the first of its kind Hindu temple and community centre. The $5m, three-level complex is located at 11 Brick Street in Henderson. An experienced Chartered

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