Len Kumar, Manager in our Business Services department, and the Shri Ram Mandir Charitable Trust are fostering the unity of the Indian community in West Auckland with the creation of the first of its kind Hindu temple and community centre. The $5m, three-level complex is located at 11 Brick Street in Henderson.

An experienced Chartered Accountant, Len has worked for UHY Haines Norton for over 15 years. He now manages a team of accountants as well as working with corporates, SMEs and individuals. Always passionate about supporting the community, Len helped establish the Shri Ram Mandir Charitable Trust as a platform for developing a West Auckland community haven for Hindus and for sharing the Indian culture and traditions with the rest of West Aucklanders and the general public – something that has always been missing from the region. Initially conducting their meetings from the UHY office in Henderson, the Trust’s vision was to provide a place of worship and essential community services as well as representing the Indian community on all cultural and religious issues.

The Shri Ram Mandir Temple opened in Henderson in June 2015 – one of the biggest temples to be constructed in New Zealand. It is a stunning masterpiece featuring large domes which can be seen from miles away. The doors and idol boxes are made from teak wood, the idols themselves are made of marble and the interior is decorated with marble panels imported from India. The intricate carvings, cutting, polishing and artwork were done by experts brought in from India. The views from outside and inside are staggering and spectacular!

In addition to providing a place of worship, the ground floor is a huge community hall (capacity 500 people) available to the general public and community at large. Len is extremely proud to have been involved in a project of this scale which benefits both his culture and the region he loves. The temple has quickly attracted a large following around New Zealand and all over the world. It has state of the art facilities and some of the programmes are livestreamed via the internet.

If you would like to know more about the temple and the community centre and its activities please visit: www.shrirammandir.org.nz or Shri Ram Mandir NZ – Facebook.

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