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A Bad Website Will Cost You Customers

How many times have you been searching for a product or service online and clicked on websites with spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, broken links, confusing layout, missing landing pages, or that are just simply difficult to navigate your way around? In my experience this happens incredibly often, and it never fails to put me off dealing

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The BNZ West Auckland Business Hall of Fame Awards

We are delighted to announce the reinstatement of the West Auckland Business Hall of Fame Awards (formerly known as the Waitakere Business Hall of Fame) to celebrate and foster business success in our region. The Waitakere Business Hall of Fame originally operated under the Waitakere Enterprise Trust Board. It honoured the achievements of individuals who

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Property Investment Seminar: 22nd June 2016

Whether you are an experienced property investor or just thinking about entering the property investment market, our free seminar will educate and inspire you!  Full of advice and tips from our industry experts, you'll learn everything you need to know to begin or expand your portfolio of investment properties. Topics will include: Different types of loans

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