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New Zealand Levies One of the World’s Lowest Property Purchase Taxes on Prime Real Estate

Encourages labour market mobility of senior executives and High-Net-Worth investment from overseas Western European economies’ property taxes among the highest New Zealand levies one of the lowest property purchase taxes in the world on prime real estate, charging no tax (0%) on a property purchase of USD$1 million, reveals a new study by UHY International.

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Staff News: June/July 2016

We have welcomed on board a new Senior Accountant.  Stoven Kennerley joins us with over 5 years' experience gained in Auckland-based accountancy firms.  Stoven is married with two young children, and we've already had the pleasure of sampling his wife Anne's awesome baking. Outside of work he enjoys hunting, a bit of DIY, and attempting to

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On a Lighter Note: Accounting Humour

Welcome to the accounting department, where everybody counts. It’s accrual world. Where do homeless accountants live? In a tax shelter. A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well. What do you call an accountant with an opinion? An auditor.

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Property Investment Insights: Top Tips for Tenanting a Property

Brendon Stuckey of Quinovic Property Management shares with us his top tips for tenanting rental properties. Always conduct reference checks on tenants. It is common practice for tenants to provide contact details for several referees in the application process, which may include previous/current landlords, family, friends, employers and co-workers.  Take the time to contact the

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Changes to Employment Standards Legislation

Jennifer Wyatt Sargent of Wyatt Sargent & Associates Ltd explains the major changes for New Zealand employers brought into effect by the Employment Standards Legislation Bill. One bill – the Employment Standards Legislation Bill – gave rise to five amendment Acts, which all came into force on 1st April 2016.  They are intended to address

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5 Tips To Put The Flow Into Your Cash Flow

Wayne Semmens from Scottish Pacific Business Finance shares his top five ways that small business owners can improve their cash flow.  In a recent survey conducted for Small Business Week to identify major areas of stress for small business owners, it concluded that small business owners struggle to maintain adequate cash flow. In fact, of

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Taxing Matters: Summary of the Latest Tax Changes

Eligible New Zealand entities are now allowed to have a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN). This is aimed at reducing the time and money businesses spend on interacting with the government, this unique identifier will be used for all government interactions. The Use of Money Interest Rates have been amended to: Decrease from 9.21% to

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Introducing the UHY Haines Norton $6,000 Study Scholarship

We are extremely proud to tell you about our new initiative: the UHY Haines Norton $6,000 Study Scholarship 2016. This is a NZ$6,000 grant towards study fees of an undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business Studies to a Year 13 student attending selected West Auckland secondary schools.  The grant is awarded as NZ$2,000

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UHY Haines Norton Invoices Are Now Being Sent Via Email

You will be aware that we have always sent out client invoices by post. However, with the New Zealand postal system now decreased in frequency to delivery three times per week this has become an extremely inefficient delivery method, not to mention that it places additional burden on the environment by using a paper-based system.

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Business Expenses: Claiming Home Office, Clothing, Website and Travel Expenses

Continuing on from our article “Business Expenses: What Can You Claim?” in our April/May newsletter, we provide further advice on different business expenses that can be claimed against your income. Claimable Expenses: Home Office If the home is used for work purposes then a proportion of expenses relating to the property are deductible.  To claim

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