Study ScholarshipWe are thrilled to announce that the winner of the UHY Haines Norton Study Scholarship 2016 is Reagan Davis, a Year 13 student from St Dominic’s Catholic College. Reagan will receive NZ$6,000 towards her tertiary education.

Reagan has an outstanding academic record, achieving excellence for NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3. At the school’s 2016 Senior Prize Giving, Reagan was a multiple-award winner, receiving the Diligence Award, the Commerce Award, and top Senior Scholar for Statistics and Economics.

We were also impressed by Reagan’s commitment to many extra-curricular activities at St Dominic’s. As a member of the school’s Tongan Group, she has had the opportunity to embrace and celebrate the Tongan culture, which culminated in performing at the 2016 ASB Polyfest. Sport plays a big role in Reagan’s life, being a member of the First 11 hockey team, the Senior A netball team, and giving after-school swimming lessons in the summer months. Reagan has also been a member of the Young Vinnies, a volunteer group for Catholic youth. The Young Vinnies have initiated a number of collective projects to support the wider Auckland community, including can appeals, stationery drives, homework clubs and breakfast clubs.

Reagan says she is very grateful for all of the opportunities that St Dominic’s Catholic College has given her, and believes that one of the school’s many strengths is embracing and celebrating diversity.

Although Reagan changed primary schools several times during her childhood due to her mother’s military job, she believes that this has made her more tolerant of change, and given her a confidence to deal with anything that life may throw at her. She has now been settled with her mother in Henderson for the past 7 years, and loves the great sense of community that West Auckland has. She credits the Trusts Community Foundation for actively providing a lot of help and support to West Aucklanders.

Although Reagan’s schedule leaves her with little spare time, she values hard work and believes that a busy schedule makes her work harder: “Nothing comes easy. If you really want it then you’re going to have to work for it”.

Next year Reagan plans to commence a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Auckland, probably with a double major in Management and either Operations and Supply Chain Management or Marketing. In the future she sees herself in a business role, and although she would like to travel, thinks that Auckland will always be home.

We are sure that Reagan’s enthusiasm, strong work ethic, academic talent and consideration for others will ensure her great success as she embarks on the next phase of her life.

Study Scholarship

Study Scholarship