michael-cooper-book-imageCongratulations to Michael Cooper, who has released a 25th anniversary edition of “New Zealand Wines: Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide”. This is an impressive achievement unmatched in New Zealand by any other annual (with the exception of a cricket almanac and rugby annual).

Back in 1990, Michael published “Michael Cooper’s Pocket Guide to New Zealand Wines and Vintages”, which included a small section star-rating significant New Zealand wines. Both the public and critics responded so well to the star ratings that in 1992 Michael published the first issue of “New Zealand Wines: Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide”, which concentrated on rating the wines rather than the wineries themselves, and sold more than 10,000 copies to reach number two on the national bestseller list.

The books have grown to reflect the expansion of the country’s wine industry. While the 1992 edition rated 800 wines, the latest 2017 edition now features nearly 3,000 wines. The varieties have also evolved in line with the industry’s progression. For example, only six Pinot Gris were rated in 1992, compared to 300 in the latest edition, and Pinot Noir has grown at a similar rate.

The 25th anniversary edition of “New Zealand Wines 2017: Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide” is on sale now.