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Staff News: February/March 2017

We are excited to welcome on board a new Senior Accountant to our Helensville office. Ben Carmichael has extensive experience dealing with a range of clients from small “Mum and Dad” businesses through to large, high-turnover businesses. Originally from Australia, he crossed the ditch 10 years ago, and has a passion for technology - particularly

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Audit and Assurance Division Expansion into CBD

2017 marks a new era for UHY Haines Norton with the opening of a new office in the heart of Auckland’s CBD. Located in the historical Smith & Caughey building on Queen Street, this office will provide a new central base predominantly for our Audit and Assurance specialists to operate from. It’s exciting to have

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IRD Introduces My GST Online Services

From 7th February 2017, the IRD has made filing and paying GST easier through the introduction of My GST online. A new ‘My GST’ tab has been added to the myIR account - the IRD’s online service available to tax payers to manage their tax affairs. My GST online provides the following features: File GST

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HR: Advice For Young Employees

Jennifer Wyatt Sargent of Wyatt Sargent & Associates Ltd shares her advice for young employees starting out in the workforce. This article is written specifically for youngsters who are starting work for the first time. Boring? Maybe. However, after I had spoken to a few people, written the article and read it through, I realised

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Xero Tips and Tricks

As more and more of our clients make the move to Xero for their accounting software, here are some of our tips for keeping your Xero system efficient and accurate. Issue # 1: Coding-suggested transactions that can lead to some transactions being incorrectly coded. Solution Xero’s "suggested transactions" feature is quite clever and it’s tempting

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Henderson – Lincoln – Central Park Business Improvement District

Tim Livingstone explains the benefits a Business Improvement District programme would provide to the businesses and residents in the Henderson – Lincoln – Central Park area. Voting for the proposed Henderson – Lincoln – Central Park Business Association is now underway. The Business Improvement District (BID) programme is a public-private agreement between Auckland Council and

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Home Sweet LTC

UHY Haines Norton’s Managing Director Grant Brownlee explains how property purchasers can benefit from the right property structuring techniques. It was suggested to me recently by one of my clients that I share this little story as it may be of assistance to other clients. My client had been trying for some time to sell

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