Business Improvement District for Henderson, Lincoln, Central ParkTim Livingstone explains the benefits a Business Improvement District programme would provide to the businesses and residents in the Henderson – Lincoln – Central Park area.

Voting for the proposed Henderson – Lincoln – Central Park Business Association is now underway.

The Business Improvement District (BID) programme is a public-private agreement between Auckland Council and Business Associations that have committed to develop a local business environment.

To date, 48 BID programmes operate across the Auckland region, representing over 25,000 businesses. We are currently the only major business area in Auckland not to have a BID, so are missing out on the benefits of being part of a BID programme.

A Henderson – Lincoln – Central Park BID will be dedicated solely to making it easier, safer and more profitable to run a business in our local area.

Following the establishment of a BID to represent all businesses in the Henderson, Lincoln Road and Central Park areas, our representation would cover approximately 1,200 businesses and 1,000 property owners. Under the programme, businesses vote collectively to invest in improvements to enhance their local business environment. This can include activities such as promotion and marketing of the area, business-to-business networking opportunities and business support, security and crime prevention, and advocacy to Auckland Council and Council Controlled Organisations (CCO’s) such as Auckland Transport.

This BID programme would be managed by a new entity made up of a merger of the Henderson Lincoln and Central Park Business Associations. Recently both Business Associations held Special General Meetings of their members and resolved unanimously to support the BID process and to merge into a new entity.

I have long argued that we need to present a united voice that represents all of the Henderson – Lincoln Road – Central Park area, and I would encourage you to support this initiative.

For more information, please visit the Henderson-Lincoln website. Voting opened on 6th March and closes at midday on 31st March 2017.