Have you noticed the new logo for Central Park Henderson Business? Following the merger of the two West Auckland-based business associations Central Park Business Association and Henderson Lincoln Business Association, Central Park Henderson Business is now the united voice for local business owners.

Creating a new logo was an important step in the merge process. The board wanted to create an identity that reflects the features of the region and the strong relationships between businesses and the community.

Central Park Henderson Business logo

The logo was designed to have a cultural, earthy feel to it while incorporating the representative letters c, p, h and b. Its rounded corners symbolise a smooth transition for the merging business associations and members, and it has no borders to demonstrate that there are no limits of potential. West Auckland is famous for its stunning natural environment and its progressive approach to the protection of its natural assets. The green used in the logo signifies the sustainability and growth of the region – which was officially named an ‘eco city’ in 1999 – while the black represents Kiwi patriotism. The incorporation of a film reel represents the area’s thriving film, industrial and commercial industries.

The board are justifiably proud of the new brand and believe it perfectly captures their vision for the area as an urban eco-centre with sustainability at the heart of future developments. It signifies an important step forward for the West Auckland business community as it looks to a thriving future.

For more information on Central Park Henderson Business please visit their website.