Rangi Panoho's Maori Art Dr Rangihīroa (Rangi) Panoho is a talented artist and writer lucky enough to be living his passion. His stunning creations of Māori art were published in 2015 in the book “Maori Art: History, Architecture, Landscape and Theory”, honoured with a Māori Book Award and an AAANZ prize for best book by a Māori or Pacific Islander in 2016. The book showcases a new perspective on Māori art in the 21st century. It features more than 300 artworks, landscapes and meetinghouses, many of which have never been published before, to create an innovative new experience of contemporary Māori art.

Rangi was born in Papua New Guinea and has lived in Australia as well as rural and urban New Zealand. He has devoted much of his life to researching his Māori and Polynesian heritage. He first started writing “Maori Art: History, Architecture, Landscape and Theory” more than 20 years ago, and completed it as the thesis for his PhD in Māori art history at the University of Auckland (the first Māori to complete this PhD and a master’s degree).

Rangi was the first Māori to work as a curator in a New Zealand art gallery. He began at the Sarjeant Gallery in Whanganui during the late 1980s. He spent a year at the Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland, the start of launching another facet of his career – an artist. His work as a curator, as an educator and as an art historian feeds into his visual practice.

Rangi’s artwork is available for purchase, showcased online at https://blueskypanoho.myportfolio.com/catalogues.