There may be all sorts of reasons why you require a business valuation. As well as the most common situations of buying a business or selling your own business, they are also useful and often necessary when buying out other managers/business partners, restructuring, in matrimonial disputes, for succession planning and refinancing.

While there are several different methods for valuing a business (for example capitalisation of earnings, asset-based or market-based), there are certain steps that we commonly follow in working with you through the business valuation process. The process will usually comprise the following steps:

Business Valuations process diagram

Our previous articles “Buying A Business? What To Consider Before Making That Offer” and “Is Your Business Ready For Sale?” discuss the different sides of buying and selling a business. Having an understanding of the business valuation process helps you to have confidence in the appraisal and ultimately make the best buying or selling decisions for your circumstances.

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