The West Worx logoWhile a number of areas of Auckland have experienced economic growth, parts of West Auckland haven’t shared in this prosperity. People in these areas have been left behind by successive economic and social reforms, automation of work, globalisation and other impacts on the labour market.

Over the past three years The Southern Initiative (TSI) has been championing, stimulating and enabling community and social innovation to create and realise opportunities for people in South Auckland. Its success in this field has prompted Auckland Council to support a similar programme in West Auckland: The West Worx. Its focus is on employment, entrepreneurship and education/skills.

While a number of organisations in West Auckland are already carrying out effective initiatives in this area, the role of The West Worx team is to support this work. The team says they are not bringing a ‘cut and paste’ approach from work TSI does in South Auckland, but are working to strengthen existing connections and make new ones. The aim is to facilitate better social and economic outcomes for West Aucklanders with a focus on Māori and Pasifika peoples.

The West Worx says there are some learnings from the work in South Auckland with TSI that could potentially be adapted for West Auckland.

“Our priority is to demonstrate economic development that is just, circular and regenerative where West Aucklanders hold leadership roles throughout the economy and prosperity is more equitably shared. Our goal is to help get more West Aucklanders engaged with quality employment and enterprise opportunities. This can lead to increased income and prosperity for population groups disadvantaged in the labour market and who currently have little access to capital and intergenerational wealth.”

A key role for The West Worx team is utilising their experience and networks, working particularly with Māori and Pacific communities to assist employers and businesses in the West to connect with prospective employees. This involves supporting employers to create the right working conditions for Māori and Pacific people to thrive, and connecting both employers and employees to providers for skills training and pastoral support. Ensuring the right services and support are in place ensures better outcomes for businesses and the community. The team also works with He Wake Eke Noa, a Māori and Pacific supplier network, that has businesses providing a range of services for the West.

If you have any vacancies or if you would like to learn more about He Wake Eke Noa or The West Worx please contact Jewelz Petley, Employment Broker/Coach on or 021 587 428.