business man at computer, myIR changes for employersIRD have made a number of employment information changes in myIR for employers.

myIR Account Changes

Employer accounts have been combined into a single Employer Activities (Payroll) account. All deductions will be made in that account, making it easier to track transactions and payments.

New Payment Code

A new payment code “EMP” has been introduced for making all of your employer deductions against in one combined payment. This saves making separate payments for child support (CSE), KiwiSaver (KSE), PAY (pay as you earn), student loans (SLE) and superannuation contributions (SSC). Those codes will all be removed in favour of using the new EMP code.

Payment Options

You will see new payment options available in myIR, including the option to pay at the same time as filing if you wish to. However, the deadlines for payments have not changed.

More details on these changes in myIR for employers can be found on the IRD website.