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Tips for Managing Your Debtors

Healthy cash flow is the life blood of every business. For small businesses in particular, delays in receiving payments can result in perpetual debt problems and seriously impact on their ability to remain operational. Earlier this year accounting software firm Xero released figures stating that only about one in nine invoices issued by small businesses

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A Bad Website Will Cost You Customers

How many times have you been searching for a product or service online and clicked on websites with spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, broken links, confusing layout, missing landing pages, or that are just simply difficult to navigate your way around? In my experience this happens incredibly often, and it never fails to put me off dealing

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Have a Good Backup Routine

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, having a data backup plan in place which is followed meticulously should be a priority. As we move closer to an increasingly paper-free environment, protecting your data as well as any customer information you hold should be an essential part of your daily routine. IT professionals

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Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Business

Last year the government reported that small- to medium-sized businesses (defined as businesses with less than 20 employees), comprise 97% of enterprises in New Zealand.  However, our experience has shown that as many as 60% of SMEs are not breaking even on their initial investment. We recommend focusing on several key areas for adding value to

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Ten Things To Do When Business Is Slow

Sometimes the activities involved in running your business make your head spin.  It’s so busy you don’t have time to think and you get to the end of each day happily exhausted with what you’ve accomplished.  Orders are coming in, customers are buying, and your business is growing.  Most small businesses go through cycles when

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Going Off-line to Build Client Relationships

When we look at how to build client relationships, UHY Haines Norton Business Improvement Manager Michael Jamieson has a wealth of experience. In this article he considers the benefits in bucking the trend of online client interaction in light of developing face-to-face client relationships. Use of the internet and social media has become an increasingly

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Marketing Tips: Have A Marketing Plan

UHY Haines Norton Marketing Co-ordinator Debbie Robson looks at the value a Marketing Plan provides to businesses.  By definition a SME has up to 20 employees - which often does not allow for a dedicated marketing function.  But investing time in creating a Marketing Plan for your business is a vital step that should not

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Nelson Mandela and the Art of Leadership

UHY Haines Norton’s Business Development Manager Michael Jamieson reflects on the life of the inspiring leader. As Nelson Mandela lies critically ill in a Pretoria Hospital, I think it is timely to reflect on the quality of leadership and unification he has shown to the world. The transition from apartheid to a state where all

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