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MS Outlook for Personal Efficiency and Team Productivity:”Do It Now”

 In the fifth of a series of five articles, Jacqui Hinchliffe of Business Computing Skills discusses how to manage your emails. Previously Jacqui introduced the four D rule for managing email. This final article discusses rule number 4: Do It Now 1. Delete 2. Diarise 3. Delegate 4. Do It Now Productivity is determined by

MS Outlook for Personal Efficiency and Team Productivity

In the fourth of a series of five articles Jacqui Hinchliffe from Positive Connexions – West Auckland Computer Training discusses how to manage your emails.  Previously Jacqui introduced the four D rules for managing email.  This month’s article discusses rule number 3:Delegate 1. Delete 2. Diarise 3. Delegate 4. Do It Now The average New

Are You Working “On Your Business” or “In Your Business”?

You may have heard the term working “on” vs working “in” your business but what exactly does this mean? UHY Manager, Len Kumar explains the difference between working in your business and working on your business, and how this is the first step to building a better business. Working ON your business does NOT mean

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Clouding Your Thinking

Do you think legitimate customers of Megaupload ever imagined that Kim Dotcom would get raided by the NZ Police? Did they imagine that the very computers that stored their legitimate data alongside the alleged illegal data would get seized? The authorities don’t appear to have any sympathy or responsibility for delivering the legitimate data back

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Accounting Software for Small and Medium Sized Entities

In our last newsletter we examined some of the factors to consider when purchasing accounting software . This month we consider three common accounting applications available for use by small to medium sized entities (SMEs). The first thing to consider when evaluating the various SME accounting applications is – what do you expect the system

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The ‘Right’ Accounting Software for your Business

Purchasing accounting software can represent a significant business cost, whatever the size of your business. But if the new software ensures effective financial management, the payoffs from your investment will be considerable. The ‘right’ software will produce the ‘right’ information to enable you to manage your organisation or business more effectively. Here we examine the

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You Can Bank On Banklink

Have you considered using BankLink to save time, costs and to improve information reporting for your business; if not you should. What is BankLink? BankLink is a secure and easy-to-use system that enables us to receive client bank statements and credit card transactions electronically. Because we receive your bank information electronically you no longer need

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