Buying and Selling a Business

Business Valuations: Selling Memorandum

UHY Haines Norton’s Business Valuations specialist Kerry Tizard explains what a Selling Memorandum is and why it is important to the business sales process. What Is A Selling Memorandum? A Selling Memorandum contains vital business information and documentation along with details of the unique features of your business. A Selling Memorandum contains all relevant business information and

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Planning For Sale

UHY Haines Norton’s Business Valuations specialist Kerry Tizard provides some advice for getting your business ready for sale. Before putting your business up for sale, ensure that your business is sale ready. Having your business sale ready will increase your changes of achieving an outcome that meets your objectives and ensures that you achieve a good return

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How Much Is My Business Worth?

UHY Director Tim Livingstone addresses a frequently asked question concerning business valuations. A question we regularly receive from both clients and non-clients is on the value of their business.  The value of a business gets down to what the business has to sell.  Most SME (small-to medium-sized) businesses will be selling two types of assets:

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Buying A Business

We are often approached by prospective and existing clients to advise them on buying a business.  Books have been written on this topic but the following provides an overview of some of the key points that need to be considered when purchasing a business. The Starting Point Like a house owner, business owners often have

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Succession Planning – An Alternative To Selling Your Business

It is not unusual, after spending many years operating at the “coal face” building and developing a successful business, for the owner to feel as though they have had enough of the day-to-day operating grind and that they have run out of energy and ideas to take the business to the next level. Equally though,