Tips For Business Improvement

A Bad Website Will Cost You Customers

How many times have you been searching for a product or service online and clicked on websites with spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, broken links, confusing layout, missing landing pages, or that are just simply difficult to navigate your way around? In my experience this happens incredibly often, and it never fails to put me off dealing

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Have a Good Backup Routine

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, having a data backup plan in place which is followed meticulously should be a priority. As we move closer to an increasingly paper-free environment, protecting your data as well as any customer information you hold should be an essential part of your daily routine. IT professionals

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Marketing Tips: Have A Plan

UHY Haines Norton Marketing Co-ordinator Debbie Robson looks at the value a Marketing Plan provides to businesses.  By definition a SME has up to 20 employees – which often does not allow for a dedicated marketing function.  But investing time in creating a Marketing Plan for your business is a vital step that should not

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MS Outlook for Personal Efficiency and Team Productivity:”Do It Now”

 In the fifth of a series of five articles, Jacqui Hinchliffe of Business Computing Skills discusses how to manage your emails. Previously Jacqui introduced the four D rule for managing email. This final article discusses rule number 4: Do It Now 1. Delete 2. Diarise 3. Delegate 4. Do It Now Productivity is determined by

Where Do Successful People Put Their Focus? – (A Spanish Lesson)

Some time ago I attended a UHY emerging leaders’ development course in Grazelema Spain.  I remember the content of the course was intense, testing us and requiring us to move out of our comfort zone.  I often reflect upon what I learnt there and thought I would share the key points in this newsletter, which is