Patten Brumby Ltd has undergone a change of ownership and is now operating under the UHY Haines Norton brand.

You can get in touch with your Patten Brumby team member on their new contact details:

Marica (Henderson office)  DDI (09) 376-8773  [email protected]

Joyce (Henderson office)  DDI (09) 376-8771  [email protected]

Melissa (Henderson office)  DDI (09) 839-2209  [email protected]

Ellen (Henderson office)  DDI (09) 376 8772  [email protected]

Sarah (Kumeu office)  DDI (09) 839-2058  [email protected]

Dana (Helensville office)  DDI (09) 376-8774  [email protected]

Please see our contact page for the main contact details for each of our offices.

Warren has decided it is time for a complete change, and after 43 years has decided to leave the accounting industry.

If you have any questions regarding the change of ownership or our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us on (09) 839-0087.