Property accounting and property investing structuring pictureWhile property investing is a good investment option for many New Zealanders, it’s important to maximise your returns through advice from a property accountant experienced in all aspects of property investment structuring.  Having the right investment property structure to suit your circumstances and goals can have a major impact on your returns. It all comes down to your particular property investment goals – both short-term and long-term – and expert property accounting advice to create investment property ownership options that are ideal for your situation.

The right property investment structure should allow investors to maximise their rental property tax benefits while minimising their property tax burden. Having expert rental property accounting advice to help you navigate the complicated area of rental property tax deductions can make a big difference to your return on investment.

UHY Haines Norton are property accounting and property tax specialists. We understand the intricacies, benefits and disadvantages of different property ownership options, and can advise and develop a structure that will best suit you and your goals. As trusted advisors, our extensive practical experience combines with in-depth knowledge of current property taxation laws and regulations. We can also help you to understand which rental property expenses are tax deductible and improve your management of your rental property taxes.

Whether you are just entering the property investment market, or are managing a property portfolio, we can advise you on the right structure for maximum tax efficiency. Our property accounting services are tailored specifically for property investors to ensure full compliance and achieve full potential.

Property Investment Structuring Options

  • Family Trusts
  • Look-through Companies (LTCs)
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Sole Traders
  • QCs
  • Companies
  • Joint Ventures
  • Foreign Trusts

We believe the benefit of a property investment structure should always exceed any set-up and administration costs. Whether your interests lie in property investment, property development, or both, we can advise on the best range of options available.

Asset Planning

As an extension of property investment structuring, UHY Haines Norton’s asset planning services develop structures for managing and protecting an individual’s or business’ assets. We examine an organisation’s assets and provide astute, tailored advice on areas such as ownership structuring for tax efficiency and asset protection strategies. We work closely with clients to develop an asset management plan that provides complete peace of mind in protecting your assets and wealth from the unexpected.

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