business valuationsThinking of buying or selling a business or company? Obtaining an independent business valuation from a valuation expert is a critical first step. Our experienced business valuation professionals know exactly how to develop independent valuations of a business for sale, purchase or other circumstances such as retirement planning, regardless of the type of business, its size or structure. Having a trusted independent valuer to work with and advise you through the business valuation process is vital, so you can be completely confident knowing the current market value of the business or company.

business valuation services

A business valuation may be required for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Purchase, sale or merger of a business and its assets
  • Management or individual buy-outs
  • Matrimonial disputes
  • Restructuring
  • Family and succession planning
  • Joint ventures
  • Investment review
  • Loss of earnings claims
  • Due diligence
  • Capital raisings or initial public offerings (IPOs)

Our business appraisal experts also provide general accounting and tax services to a wide range of businesses within a wide range of industries. This is intentional – it ensures we’re in touch with everything relevant to the business community, and places us in the strongest position to accurately assess the market value of a company.

What Is My Business Worth?

A business is so much more than just financial statements and profit performance. While a valuation based on revenue may suit many businesses, during the business valuation process we consider everything that contributes to a business’ value. Intangible assets such as goodwill, key staff, customer relationships, franchises, leases, patents and marketing collateral can all add a significant competitive advantage. We also carefully examine industry conditions and influences when assessing the market price of a business, as these can all play an important role in determining the value of a business to buy or sell.

Areas of Expertise

  • Commercial business valuation
  • Valuation based on revenue
  • Asset based valuation
  • Small business valuation
  • Intangible assets valuation
  • Goodwill value of business

Our valuation approaches are designed to deliver timely, quality assessments to give you complete confidence before you buy, sell or make strategic changes, and we always keep your budget in mind. Our first consultation is free and we ensure our business appraisals are affordable in line with your budget and needs.

Experience is critical for developing an accurate market valuation and we draw on the resources, knowledge and best practise of the New Zealand, Australian and global markets. Regulatory requirements, systems and quality controls, and industry-specific risks are all factored into what can often be a highly detailed and technical procedure. To view our latest Valuations and Litigation Support Capability Statement, which highlights the strength of the New Zealand and Australian UHY member firm network and its combined specialist sector knowledge, click here.

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Our first consultation is freecontact us today to learn more about our business valuation services. UHY Haines Norton Director, Kerry Tizard, is an experienced Chartered Accountant who specialises in developing professional, quality business valuations for all industries.

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