Client News: Best-selling Author Joanne Drayton

Accomplished literary biographer and art historian Joanne Drayton is about to publish her seventh book, a double biography of celebrity cooks Peter Hudson and David Halls. Joanne is best known for her book “The Search for Anne Perry”, a biography of the best-selling crime writer Anne Perry who is also the teenage murderer Juliet Hulme

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What Is Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)?

Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) affects many SME owners and yet can be difficult to understand and calculate correctly. In this article we explain exactly what FBT is and how it works. What Is A Fringe Benefit And Why The Tax? A fringe benefit arises when an employer provides a non-cash benefit to an employee, including

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How To Structure Loans For Maximum Deductions And Minimum Cost

When approaching a bank or other intermediary for the purpose of borrowing funds, they may advise a structure that is easy for them and meets their internal requirements. This is not necessarily, and often times is exactly the opposite of, how we would advise you on structuring loans in order to maximise tax deductions and

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New Zealand Outperforms On Tourist Spending

A new study by UHY International finds that New Zealand’s tourist expenditure is four times higher than the global average, and more developed economies are struggling to expand their tourist infrastructure as quickly as emerging market rivals. Tourist spending represents 5% of New Zealand’s economy, four times higher than the global average of 1.2%, shows

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Xero Tips and Tricks Seminar: Wednesday 27th June 2018

UHY Haines Norton, in conjunction with Xero, are proud to present an informative free seminar packed with tips, tricks and advice to take your Xero knowledge and skills to the next level. If you are using Xero and interested in learning about useful features, short cuts and new advancements, this seminar is for you. Advance

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Ring-fencing: Promise Punishes Landlords

UHY Haines Norton’s Managing Director Grant Brownlee explains how the proposed ring-fencing of residential rental losses will impact residential property investors. The recently proposed ring-fencing of rental losses rule change is the result of a politically expedient election promise that blamed residential investors and speculators for house price inflation. The Government should be transparent about

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Audit Shield: Protection Against IRD Audits

UHY Haines Norton is proud to offer our clients the opportunity to be protected from any unplanned professional fees resulting from audit activity with Audit Shield. The Audit Shield Master Policy provides for the payment of professional fees incurred in the event that you are selected for an audit, enquiry, investigation or review (audit activity)

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Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Your Balance Sheet: (1) Elements Of The Balance Sheet

Your year-end accounts shouldn’t be just an annual exercise that you and your accountant go through to placate the IRD. They do, in fact, offer essential insights into how your business is performing and provide an opportunity to make changes to improve future performance. In part one of our two-part “Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Your

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Farm Accounting: M. Bovis Numbers Explode

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is scrambling to update estimates of farms infected with Mycobacterium bovis disease after property numbers under question exploded from 129 to 299 farms. This is not just limited to dairy farms but is having a real impact on the farming sector in general. Already the disease has been found

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