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COVID-19: ACC Information For Businesses

26.03.2020 ACC have advised that they have closed their physical branches but remain open for remote support via email (preferred contact method) and phone. If your business has a levy due and you are unsure if you are able to pay it due to the impact of COVID-19, please contact the ACC Collections and Recovery

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ACC Self-Employed Levy Changes

If you are self-employed or work as a contractor, you can choose between standard CoverPlus or CoverPlus Extra for your ACC cover. Next year ACC is introducing some changes to simplify the standard CoverPlus levy. Previously ACC has estimated the amount of the standard CoverPlus levy based on your previous year’s earnings, and you will

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Taxing Matters October/November 2018

A summary of the latest tax changes and news relating to individuals and businesses. Proposed new rules for GST on low-value imported goods have been announced. The changes would require offshore suppliers to register for, collect and return New Zealand GST on goods valued at or less than $1,000 which are supplied to consumers in

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Beware Of Changes To ACC CoverPlus Extra

ACC has made some changes to CoverPlus Extra you should be aware of. Commencing from 1st April 2018, all new CoverPlus Extra policies will start on the date that ACC receives the signed Policy Acceptance Form - therefore your agreed level of cover will not be in place until ACC has receipted your signed form.

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KiwiSaver For Your Employees

As an employer it is your responsibility to assist your employees with making choices about KiwiSaver. All new employees must be offered the option of enrolling in KiwiSaver, and you should provide them with the KiwiSaver factsheet, KiwiSaver deduction form and a new employee opt-out request form to help them make an informed decision. If

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End of ACC’s Workplace Safety Discount

On 1st April 2017, the ACC’s Workplace Safety Discount for small businesses and self-employed people was discontinued. Introduced 10 years ago to encourage small businesses to implement health and safety systems, it has now been superseded by the ACC’s introduction of new health and safety laws last year.  If you are currently on the Workplace

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