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Taxing Matters: June 2021

The Government has confirmed that new builds will be exempt from the planned changes to the tax treatment of residential investment property. The intention to limit the deductibility of interest on residential investment property will not apply to new builds. At the time of writing, no legislation had been drafted, however indications are that

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ACC Levies Are A Deductible Business Expense

ACC is like a mandatory insurance policy for businesses that covers business owners and staff for personal injury. There are four types of ACC levies that businesses may pay: Work Levy – paid by businesses based on PAYE employees’ wages to cover workplace injuries. Earners’ Levy – paid by all active income earners to

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ACC Self-Employed Levy Changes

If you are self-employed or work as a contractor, you can choose between standard CoverPlus or CoverPlus Extra for your ACC cover. Next year ACC is introducing some changes to simplify the standard CoverPlus levy. Previously ACC has estimated the amount of the standard CoverPlus levy based on your previous year’s earnings, and you will

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