UHY Updates On Using Xero: Location Tracking And Integrated Hospitality Apps

Location Tracking Many businesses, particularly trade and construction businesses, involve moving around from job to job. Accurately tracking the time spent on individual jobs is essential to help with paying employees, assessing the profitability of individual jobs, and to help with quoting on future jobs. However, manually tracking the time spent on different jobs can

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UHY Tips and Tricks For Using Xero: Bank Rules and GST

We share some expert tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Xero accounting software. 1. Bank Rules Xero bank rules are a great way to automate reconciling transactions in Xero. Bank rules are best used for transactions that need splitting out, such as entertainment expenses which are 50% deductible and 50% non-deductible.

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UHY Tips For Shortcuts In Xero: Cash Coding

Cash coding is a quick and easy way to create and reconcile multiple spend and receive transactions to match with imported bank statement lines. Using cash coding for the reconciliation of bulk transactions can save significant time and reduce the chance of errors. During the cash coding process, if you complete a field and it

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UHY Tips and Tricks For Using Xero

As more and more of our clients make the move to Xero for their accounting software, here are some of our tips for keeping your Xero system efficient and accurate. Issue # 1: Coding-suggested transactions that can lead to some transactions being incorrectly coded. Solution Xero’s "suggested transactions" feature is quite clever and it’s tempting

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